Large Breast Reduction Surgery in Bangalore

Best Large Breast Reduction in Bangalore

Large female breasts can often be distressing. Even though a full female breast is associated with femininity, breasts that are too large can pose many problems for women. Larger breasts can be uncomfortable in general, but they can also lead to plenty of specific physical discomfort like:


Shoulder grooving from bra straps (Bra straps can create indentations on your shoulders)

Painful rashes beneath the breasts (“intertrigo”)

Poor posture

Neck pain 

sweating and even infections under the breasts 

Difficulty in exercising or taking part in sports 

Unwanted attention or harassment 

Self-consciousness (for example, clothes don’t fit properly) 


Additionally, some women just don’t feel comfortable in their own skin because of the size of their bust.

Those who are suffering from the above, usually opt for Breast Reduction. There are two types of breast reduction surgery. The most common type that is the traditional breast reduction surgery, involves making incisions and removing skin and breast tissue to the desired size and shape. Patients who also need lifting will usually elect this method. Some patients may choose liposuction of the breasts only, which can reduce the overall size to only a certain extent without scarring, but will not significantly lift the position. The procedures and techniques employed in a breast reduction surgery will depend on each patient’s anatomy and desired outcome. Dr. Sahebgowda Shetty will also take the time to educate his patients on the selected method so that they understand why it has been chosen and feel comfortable with it. 

1. In Tumescent liposuction technique, minute incisions are made, micro-cannulas are inserted and fat is suctioned out carefully. It’s important to note that breasts are made up of both fatty and glandular tissue, but Liposuction can remove significant amounts of fat and does not address other types of tissue. Patients can see a change of approximately 500ml decrease in size. The ducting system is kept intact for later breastfeeding, and post-liposuction mammograms will show a normal breast. The most desirable advantage to this method is that it is very minimally invasive and the downtime is very minimal with the most inconspicuous and less visible scars. It is also far less traumatic to the breast, which means less risk of complication.   Also, it does not reduce loose skin or correct sagging and will likely result in more “droopy” breasts.

2. Breast Reduction is a surgical approach to reducing the size of your breasts by removing excess fat, tissue, and skin. The operation usually is performed under general anesthesia and will be done on an outpatient basis or during a brief hospital stay. This procedure will reshape the breast while making the areola smaller, to achieve a proportion that is better suited to the patient. Nipples will also be re-positioned to a higher perkier position to give the most natural end result. Here, breast size is reduced, and any asymmetry is corrected. It is a commonly performed breast reduction technique which uses incisions that encircle the areola and then extend vertically down the breast and horizontally along the crease underneath the breast. Structures leading to the nipple such as sensory nerves, blood vessels and milk ducts are preserved as much as possible. 

 Because it is a major procedure, you can expect recovery to take some time. The doctor will prescribe pain medications for the days immediately following the procedure. Swelling and minor bruising are normal, and this will generally subside in a few weeks. Breast reduction scars fade with time but will not disappear completely, although they can be hidden with a bra, bathing suit or low-cut top. In general, moving around and walking is permitted and encouraged early on. 

All breast procedures should ideally preserve the two major functions of the breast: Breastfeeding and Pleasure. Complications following a breast lift are thankfully quite rare. 

Pre-surgical testing requires a few blood tests to be done to test and to determine if you have any infection, blood disorder, or anemia, that may have gone previously undetected.

Benefits of Breast Reduction Surgery

· Increased self-confidence and self-esteem

· Improvement in posture

· The ability to wear more fitted clothing

· Reduced chance backache

· Ability to participate in sporting activities

· A wider choice of clothing

Healthy, emotionally-stable women who have realistic expectations about the potential results are excellent candidates for breast reduction surgery. Breast reduction surgery can be completed at any age, however, it is best to wait until after the breast development and growth is completed. The results of breast reduction surgery are considered permanent. In fact, breast reduction surgery has one of the highest rates of satisfaction of all cosmetic surgery procedures.