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Small Breast implantation in Bangalore

Best Breast Implantation in Bangalore

Breast Augmentation Surgery, commonly known as ‘the boob job’, is not only the most commonly performed procedure for women, but a significant number of our patients have reported an almost instant boost in their self-confidence after the surgery.
Breast Enlargement is suitable for patients with all skin types and the surgery itself is done under general anaesthetic taking between one and two hours. After surgery you may require a night or short stay in hospital to be kept under observation and your progress can be monitored by our Cosmetic Surgery Nurses.
During consultation with our highly skilled and experienced Cosmetic Surgeons in Bangalore we will go through the surgery and the options available to you; discussing the size and shape of your existing breasts and working with you to reach a mutual decision on the surgery.
Breast Augmentation Surgery helps you to
  • Feeling more feminine and like you have a more "womanly" figure.
  • Having a higher level of confidence and self-esteem.
  • The fitting of clothes may improve and in turn, make you feel better wearing them.
  • Your breasts can have a more symmetrical appearance.
  • Changes that occurred following pregnancy, breast-feeding or weight loss can be corrected

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