Multiple Lipoma Treatment in Bangalore

Do you have fat balls / lumps all over your body, unable to wear half sleeves or sleeveless, and wondering what to do? Then know about the stitch less lipoma removal procedure!!!!!!!!!!

what is Lipoma?

Swellings that appear on the body are sometimes terrifying. They are more likely to be lipoma tumors but no need to worry. Lipoma is a tumor under the skin. It results from overgrowth of fat cells. These are generally considered benign tumors.

Lipomas are soft. Pressing on them can move a little under the skin. They grow slowly over months or years to reach about two to three centimeters in size. Sometimes they are more than ten centimeters. Lipomas are usually painless.

Common places where they occur?

Lipoma can develop in any part of the body. This means that lipomas can occur anywhere on the part of the fat cells, usually the arms, forearms, abdomen, thighs & forehead.

Is it necessary to remove it?

They can be removed if they are too big in size. Other lipomas also can be removed if they are painful or overtly visible. All the lipomas can also be removed, if the person desires.

How is it removed?
Lipoma Removal In Bangalore
Under Local anaesthesia:

If less than twenty lipomas are to be removed, they can be anesthetized with local anesthesia, and through a small cut they can be thoroughly liquefied & squeezed out. Scars will be hardly visible. One can go home soon after the treatment is over and start routine daily activities.

Under General Anaesthesia

If more than twenty lipomas are to be removed, better to be done under general anesthesia by liposuction procedure as many lipomas can be removed through a single hole, the cannula is moved up to the lipomas & they are removed as tiny pieces. One can return home the same day after the treatment.

The holes will heal in about five days. The procedure does not pain much. All age group people can undergo this treatment. In both local & general anesthesia, no stitching of the cuts is involved as they are very small and heal rapidly.

  • images-53 Day care procedure (For Multiple lipomas)
  • image-19 1-hour procedure (For 8-10 lipomas)
  • image22 Stitch – less
  • image-7 Hardly noticeable Scar
  • image-7 Minimal Pain
  • image-51 Can be done under local anesthesia also.
  • image-51 Resume back to work immediately (Under Local anesthesia)

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