Fore Head Reduction

Fore Head Reduction/Hair Line Lowering


Do you have broad forehead and want to lower your hairline?

If yes, then you can go for a forehead reduction or Hair line lowering procedure.

What is Fore Head Reduction?

Is a cosmetic procedure that can help to reduce the height of your forehead.

How is it done?
  1. An incision is made along the marked area of the forehead and hairline.
  2. The top incision along the hairline is then pulled down to join the forehead incision. This closes the gap and shortens the forehead.
  3. The skin is sutured together in a way that minimizes scar formation and is hidden almost completely by the hairline upon hair regrowth.
  1. Can reduce forehead size by ¾ of an inch.
  2. Improves facial proportions
  • Day care procedure (1hr procedure)
  • One-week recovery time
  • Permanent results
  • Minimal pain (Swelling for one week)
  • Done under local anaesthesia
  • Back to work in 3 days

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