Best Dark Circle Removal Treatment in Bangalore

Best Dark Circles Removal  in Bangalore

Dark circles
Many people suffer from dark circles under the eyes ,they are embarrassing and make you look older than you are .There are lots of ways adults and children can develop these dark circles under their eyes. 
Causes for Dark Circles:
Heredity is the most common cause.
Lack of sleep
Broken Blood vessels
Hyper pigmentation
Temporary Procedures for Dark Circles:
Chemical Peel
Radio Frequency
There are different surgical procedure for dark circles 
1)  First is putting malar implant and lifting it because later on when you do blepharoplasty this malar implants supports the skin and it does not allow the lower lid to pull down that is one thing   
2) Second surgery is like lower lid surgery that is blepharoplasty where in we remove a strip of skin which is very much lacks and wrinkle  and we give a very fine scar which is just below the eyelashes and it is almost invisible 
3) Third procedure is like we remove the upper layer of skin that is dermabrasion  later on the skin remains pink for about a week and later once the wound heals you can apply concealer and it looks almost natural and it  will        be there for 2 months after that there will be a fine wound for about a week and you will have a pink skin grown over that you can apply concealer and it takes about 6-8 weeks for the skin to get the normal color. 
4) Fourth procedure where in there is no down time you can use fractional radio frequencies it burns the skin at very certain points very minute fine points so that the skin contracts  and it becomes thick and the wrinkles come down the surface area comes down and the skin under the eye gets rejuvenated.